In case you can’t tell from the blog, I love writing. I’ve been doing creative writing ever since I was a kid, and although I haven’t finished anything decent lately, I’m currently working on a novel. I also spent my freshman year as a journalism major and still occasionally write journalistic stuff, though I don’t prefer it.

Here are some publications I’ve written for (with links to the published piece):

And here’s some stuff that’s unpublished (yet) but still pretty good:

Finally, here are some poems that are sort of decent:

4 thoughts on “Writing

    • Thank you; I’m glad you liked it!

      Sorry for the confusion. There wasn’t really a convenient way to put my writing on my blog without making separate pages for each piece or having one really long page with all of them…

  1. I second that. There is none other is really something. Miriam, if you want you can write the poetry as separate posts—all under the category poetry—and then go to menus in dashboard and display the categories you want in the menu. That way, you won’t have to redirect people.

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