Sunday Link Roundup

I haven’t been doing much reading lately because I’ve had no internet in my apartment. But it’s back! And so’s my weekly link roundup.

1. Clarisse Thorn writes about an example of rape in the pickup artist community. Pretty harrowing.

2. Turns out Amelia Earhart had an open marriage! Here’s a letter she wrote to her husband, George Putnam, about it.

3. Of course some idiot has to blame the Aurora shootings on the fact that Americans should “place a higher value on God.”

4. Zinnia Jones, on people who claim to support gay rights but insist on eating at Chick-Fil-A anyway. (I also wrote about this a little while ago.)

5. Natalie Reed wrote this lengthy (but worthwhile) post on trigger warnings. I haven’t used one on this blog until my most recent post, but I may reconsider.

6. On labels. This blog is about demisexuality specifically, but the points this post makes apply to any “nonstandard” label that someone may choose to describe themselves with.

7. How to learn not to be a racist. Required reading, this.

8. You don’t have to understand someone and their experience in order to be respectful. It’s similar to this piece that I wrote a while back, but takes a slightly different angle.

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