Random Intro-type Thing

My old blog, Illogical Paradox, is experiencing some bandwidth issues at the moment (don’t ask me how this happened–NOBODY goes on it, I swear), and since I’m incapable of dealing with that, I just started a new one on wordpress.com. Yay.

I thought about buying my own domain and not messing around with that stuff anymore, but then I thought, wait a minute. Nobody actually reads what I write, anyway. Why pay for the privilege of writing it?

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it, it doesn’t really matter if it makes a sound or not, and if you were the one who shelled out the money to get it to make a sound, well, you’re a moron. Or you really suck at personal finance. Or both.

Then again, I happily shell out about $25 each year for my Flickr Pro account, even though nobody looks at that either. Out of all my photos, the ones that get the most views are the ones with me in them, and usually some creeper has commented “sexy!!!11!” without bothering to comment on the artistic quality of the photo.


I thought that paying for a Flickr Pro account rather than uploading my pictures onto MySpace was meant to prevent exactly that sort of thing.

As usual, I was incorrect.